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Why you need Uniquely Adelaide

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

If you have applied for many roles and missed out on interviews, or gained interviews but you are never the preferred applicant, the chances are that your resume or your interview skills, or both, are letting you down. Our workshops teach you skills for life and will help you to overcome the frustration of spending all your time searching for roles and writing applications.

You can choose one or all of our services to get you started but the interactive workshops have been designed as a progressive set of three to maximise your chances of success. A discount is provided for signing up for all three workshops. I am an experienced professional who has read thousands of resumes, has successfully coached many others to secure employment, work experience and voluntary roles, connect with their employer of choice, build their on-line brand, grow in confidence and sell themselves to prospective employers. We will provide objective and honest feedback to help you on your journey to gain the role of your choice.

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