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If you are looking for your next employment opportunity Uniquely Adelaide is for you! Most employment services will write resumes and cover letters for you at a premium cost and as a one-off service. Uniquely Adelaide can teach you the skills you need for life, so that you’ll never need a resume writer again and increase your chances to achieve the success you are looking for. Our workshops are an investment for life!


Emerging professionals, mid career or executive levels, Uniquely Adelaide will coach you to create the perfect resume and application, time and time again, and can assist to tailor them for a specific position you are applying for. We will provide you with objective and honest feedback! If you have not identified a role already we'll show you how to target the organisations you dream of working for through our extensive networks of South Australian organisations and our colleagues. We can also help you to create a strategic online brand that prospective employers will love and assist you to grow your professional network at the same time. Learning how to perfect your interview skills is the finishing touch you need.

We also offer academic support to students at all levels, school, TAFE and university to improve your assignments and content knowledge in a range of topics.


Uniquely Adelaide is an ethical choice for your employment coaching needs as it is an associated business unit of a registered charity, Shelter SA. You can do something good for yourself and others at the same time!

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"Fall seven times and stand up eight"

Japanese Proverb

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